TAB3 7 is Lenovo's 7-inch TAB3 variant

Lenovo brought the TAB3 on different sizes for the consumers to pick, the TAB3 7 and the TAB3 8. Both of the said devices sport a Quad Core processor powered by MediaTek but what's surprising here is that GearBest vends this TAB3 7 variant with one more GB of RAM than what other stores offer yet still kept its price unchanged.

lenovo tab3 7 730m

A conservative designed tablet with entry level specs

As the tagged name suggests, the TAB 3 7 wears a 7-inch IPS display with screen supporting 1024 x 600 resolution. The body is almost covered up with a plastic but it seems that it's durable, additionally, it's a little prone to fingerprints and smudges as I've experienced with devices with the likes of its body construction, still it can be easily saved by a case.

The interior of this device is pumped by a 1 Ghz Quad Core processor coupled with a 2 GB of RAM - which is already enough for light to moderate usage. It can deliver good and responsive performance from small to medium-resourced apps. The tablet contains a 16 GB of internal memory shared by the apps installed and the user files, it is also expandable via micro SD.

Lenovo was able to put 2 camera configurations on their TAB3 7. A 5 megapixel camera is present at the back part of the tab while a 2 megapixel selfie camera is also visible on the front. The sensors used on the camera is not known but I hope that it is capable of taking good shots.

TAB3 7 has cool features within its software 

What I liked more with Lenovo is that they had their own custom OS called Vibe UI. The company was able to put up this modified version of Android 6.0 on the TAB3 7 which adds cool features to the tablet making it a more interesting device to use. One of these cool features is its multi account functionality which is perfect for the family.

Lenovo TAB3 7 also has features for telephony. It supports Dual SIM and it is capable of using LTE network mode.

The Lenovo Tab3 7 is an affordable tablet which offers features comparable with high-priced device. The internals is quite common for an entry level however, its software and the cool stuffs it can offer are a real deal. So far, only GearBest offers 2GB RAM version of  Lenovo TAB3 7 which is why I highly recommend it getting from this store.

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