Before, we can instantly consider security as having a shelter, but it's a different case as of this time. Living safe and secure is our primary concern even when at home that's why Xiaomi created their very own automated home security to lessen the worries of the homeowners.

Xiaomi 5 in 1 Security Suite appears

Xiaomi launched the Smart Home Security Kit that aims to deliver automated security solution to your home with features such as alarms and notices, camera monitoring, motion sensors and more.
With this kind of technology, you can now have peace of mind on what's happening on your beloved home and you can have more control over some parts of your house in just a simple press of a button.

xiaomi smart home security kit

Smart Home Security Kit is another interesting product of Xiaomi. By that, Xiaomi Suit (5 in 1 Smart Home Security Kit) is available at GearBest online store for just $59.99 during their current new year sale.

5 in 1 Smart Home Security Kit

As 5 in 1, you can expect that the package will include the following:
  • Outlet ( Zigbee Version )
  • Wireless Switch
  • Human Body Sensor
  • Gateway Remote Control
  • Window Door Sensor
As you can see, Smart Home Security Kit made by Xiaomi is one of the most full-featured security solution you can find in the market. It is capable of automated toggling of lights, door alarm with customizable ring-bell, human motion sensor - which turns the lights on when it someone passes by, auto capture video when someone brokes thru the door, intelligent appliances switch and human body sensor - which toggles the switch of the appliances. 

xiaomi 5 in 1 security kit

What's another hit point on this Xiaomi product is that it is just easy to install. No more installation fees from professionals as it's like a simple appliance at your home that needs to be plugged-in to the power outlet, pair it with the Mi Smart Home application for iOS or PlayStore, install the sensors and your good to go.

Xiaomi Smart Home Security Kit is indeed worth investing

Xiaomi's security solution is a new innovation that will definitely help you out on your precious home. For as low as $59.99, investing a little for your safety is rather one of the smartest thing for you to do. Visit Xiaomi Smart Home Security Kit product page at GearBest and grab one before their new year sale ends.

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