The Rio Craze's weakness, and how we can solve it...

MyPhone Rio Craze has been one of the budget smartphones that most buyers consider. The fact that you can get a phone that does the basic things at best compared to an ordinary feature phone, this handset is still a smartphone powered by the innovative android operating system capable of doing tasks that are performed by an entry level smartphones.

What draws the Rio Craze backwards considering it wears a dual core processor? It's the phone's internal storage and RAM. A smartphone's capability can be estimated according to the specs it bears. In the case of Rio Craze, installing of apps is very limited for a phone that can only handle up to 512 MB of ROM. Even the installed apps that are transferred to the SD card still store app data internally and eventually eats it slowly. That's why I made this article to share to you the technique to expand the internal phone storage and to finally enjoy large number of apps to be installed on the phone.

How to Partition your MyPhone Rio Craze for Unlimited Internal Storage

This is the actual process on how to partition the Rio Craze to achieve the unli internal storage courtesy of Mhae Bautista. Please carefully read and understand the instructions.

Note: This may degrade your SD card so you need a high quality one. Do at your own risk.

Things needed:

Steps Sequence:
  • Unmount SD card
  • 1st and 2nd Partition
  • Link2SD Part 1
  • Link2SD Part 2
  • Root Explorer

Please follow the steps from Mhae's YouTube channel. Below is how to unmount the SD card to start off. Good luck!

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