It's been quite a long time since my last update with regards to MyPhone Rio. So this time, this article is intended for Rio version 2 smartphone users that are looking for ROM to choose to tweak or customize their phone's performance, look and feel.

How to find the best ROM for you?

There's no such thing as best ROM that suits everyone. Even the Stock ROM itself found on your current phone is not actually bugless. For you to find the ROM that you should stick with, it should also features the things that you need such as its UI, its performance on your favorite apps, and all the other things that fills your taste and needs.

The first things to do is to identify the features of the ROM. Once you accept the capabilities of the ROM (whether its a stock or a custom), the next thing you need to do is to check for the bugs and find out if it bothers you. If the bugs are not really that important to you as a user, you can proceed to checking its interface whether it fits your style. Once all these filtering tip has been done, you'll be able to find the ROM that you are looking for..

myphone rio  rom

Here's the ROM list to style up MyPhone Rio V1 and V2 running Kitkat

Enjoy the latest, customized, ported and stock ROM for your Rio version 2 which is running android Kitkat out of the box. The ROMs listed are not perfect and may or may not be suitable for you so try them all as until you'll find the ROM that you are seeking. Read the description or the documentation before installing,

Take Note: We are not responsible for any damage that these may cause you. Do at your own risk.

Please select to view the ROM documentation. Click here to view the ROM Repository.

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