Bring your Flare S3 to the limits

Previously, we made a huge step on Cherry Mobile Flare S3 after rooting it and installing a custom recovery, with that pair of customization could actually unlock your phone up to its max limits. You as owner has a choice to whether do some experiments on what does your smartphone can do that's why you are here trying to figure out the things it is capable of doing.

Your smartphone, your style

What we have on this article is a whole new episode with your Flare S3 android smartphone. It's your phone, it's your style. Take your pick to these great ROM repository that was apparently to bring you another awesome experience with your Flare S3. So much you could have for a cheap phone isn't it?

flare s3 maximum rom

Maximum ROM series for Flare S3

The following ROMs on the list are made possible by Flare S3 owners and developers for the fellow owners. The Maximum ROM Series is created to provide ROM solutions to MT6582 and MT6592 SoC running smartphones.

Warning: Do it at your liability. Don't blame us for anything negative in result at your side. You must understand the risk.

Things you need:

The following are Ported ROMs to Flare S3:

[ROM] Maximum IOS v1.03 | Documentation
by Adrian Garcia
[ROM] Maximum™NoteIII | Documentation
by GerishCT
[ROM] MaximumLE™ LewaOS5 | Documentation
by GerishCT
[ROM] MaximumHIVE™ | Documentation
by GerishCT
[ROM] MaximumL™ POPKATv1 build2 (Neil Edward Diaz) | Documentation
by GerishCT
[ROM] MAXIMUM L POPKATV01 BUILD2 FOR V1.03_V03 | Documentation
by EichRa TenRoh
[ROM] Maximum™ Xperia Z2 For v7 - v11 | For v1.03_03 | Documentation
by GerishCT
[ROM] Maximum™ Find7 For v7, v8, v10 and v11 | For v1.03 | Documentation
by GerishCT

If you have queries, you may drop down your comments and feedback from the comment area below.

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  1. Do you have cyanogenmod compatible for s3 flare v08?

  2. pls help me. I do every details but i cant sign in google

  3. pwd po ba ito sa flare s3 octa core ... tska ped po pa update ng link hindi na na dodownload eh tnx po