Tired of old Me Vibe?

At first, using the stock state of your new android phone is good enough. However, each day, bit by bit, we tend to get tired of its looks and try to download some apps, launchers, and themes to make it cooler compared to your friends phone and Me Vibe is no exception. Meeting your eye candy needs while not sacrificing performance is a tough case since each time you install anything with your phone, it impacts the RAM and storage resulting to slower performance of your phone. In order to get rid of the worries, here's what we can do to your Me Vibe.

Variety of styles for Me Vibe

Do you know that Custom ROM is a good option to answer your problem? Though these are a bit risky but with a proper procedure, the outcome would be AWESOME!

Talking about the risks includes losing your phones warranty since it requires your phone to be rooted, or end up to a useless phone but the cases are very-rare as long as you follow the rules. To begin with, you must be a good at understanding points.

cherry mobile me vibe rom

Custom ROMs to style up your Cherry Mobile Me Vibe

Here are the following custom ROMs for Me Vibe to meet your style. Choose any of the following on the list and check the documentation for you to know its installation procedures, patches, fixes and more. Make sure to comply the necessities.

NOTE: You are the only responsible for any outcome after doing the procedure. Don't blame to the developers on the ROM and to this site for anything undesirable happens to your device, we will laugh at you.

Things Needed:

Select your desired ROM below sorted by date
ROM powered by Nameless

Other ROMs:

If you don't like the ROM, select others from the list. The developers are not paid for doing this so as much as possible, don't expect for a fix for the ones you downloaded. Big thanks to Me Vibe group and to the developers!

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  1. I flashed IMBA Samsung S5 v2 on my cm me vibe..but I can't detect other devices.. And when i detect a device.. I can't send any file..can you help me worth this..thanks.

    1. Sorry but I haven't tried that ROM yet. Make sure that your USB cable is not malfunctioning.

  2. I too flashedflashed Sam s5 ROM ...only problem is this in setting> storage > internal memory is only 1.5 gb I had 5.1 GB before .I tried to swap it with cold.fstab ..but its not present in entire system ...I want to access the 5 GB internal memory ....any way I couldcould. ...john decena ..are u having same problem in this ...guys pls. Help to solve this bug