Having difficulties on checking and managing your email accounts?

Email nowadays is mostly required to join or participate on any particular services and offers in the internet that is why creating multiple email accounts can't be helped (except to those who doesn't connect in the internet) especially when someone needs to create a separate secondary email intended for a specific service or just a dummy account to a Gamer for the games he play.

Let's say you have around 5 email accounts and you need to check their inbox regularly for the updates of your service subscriptions and for other transactions, it's quite a lot of work isn't it? How about we turn your 10-20 minutes effort on checking your emails to just 10-20 seconds?

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cloudmagic free email client app

CloudMagic - one of the best free email client app for android

I know I could easily and simultaneously check my email accounts on a computer using Outlook or similar app but I want something the same experience for my android phone. I tested some popular apps to date and finally came to the free email client app which I am comfortable of using, the CloudMagic.

Why Choose CloudMagic to Manage your Emails?

Simply because of this feature highlights.

  • Works on all email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and other IMAP accounts
  • Custom Folder Sync (only sync folders you need)
  • Unified inbox (easy switch inbox of different accounts)
  • Pass-code lock to secure access of your accounts

What makes CloudMagic stand out than the other apps?

  • It is easy to connect you email accounts to this app. Just choose from the listed Email service providers, input your account login credentials and you're good.
  • Great server response. Unlike other email client apps which I often get server connection error, CloudMagic's response on syncing your email accounts is excellent!
  • Lightweight, battery and data friendly. The app is very light, it does not eat a lot of RAM when used so lesser battery consumption. Also, it is easy to configure when to sync or just do it manually, that saves your data
  • Aside from the unified inbox, it also allows you to switch on different folders quickly. Check your emails on different folders in a second!
  • Very easy to use when configured well. In my case, I just turn on the wifi, open the app and read my emails in an instant! 
Overall, I rarely use my computer to check my emails cause this email client app does all the job and it comes very handy. Check your emails, anytime, anywhere in just a matter of seconds. I highly recommend CloudMagic for your business and personal use. Indeed one of the best app for android.

Get it installed on your android device now!

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