There's been a lot of developers right now to contribute on the development of a particular device. Thanks to the pre-made free tools available for android, we can no longer suffer for the same style and design of our android phones and tablets. It is too easy for us to make a modification to our phone's system and the most exciting part is we don't have to depend for good developers out there to make a mod or something cause we there's already a lot of apps and mods that are ready to use. All we need is a good technical understanding and experience.

Rio Craze's development resources

Right now, fortunate to those who are looking for a development on their MyPhone Rio Craze android phone because we collected various works from kind contributors of the said device including the how to's for rooting, installing recovery and ROMs to help and give relief and satisfaction to other Rio Craze users.

myphone rio craze dev

MyPhone Rio Craze Root, Recovery and ROM Repository

This will be the official MyPhone Rio Craze resource page in this site. We will include the customization updates as much more as we can for you our beloved Rio Craze audience.

Disclaimer: Do at your own risk.

How to Backup your Phone? Visit this link

How to root?


Luckily, we are able to port automatically providing this phone a custom recovery that was already working good. Thanks to bro Klark Luis Peralta for testing and uploading.

If you need Stock Recovery image, you need to download the Stock ROM (stock recovery is included there).


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