LG G3 for your device!

Yes, you read it right! LG G3 look and feel now made available for your android device.
One of the biggest upgrade of LG made on their G3 is the UI. The interface was made simpler and smarter. Guess who made it? Well, they are nameless.

LG G3 ROM by Nameless Porting Team

Proudly pinoy ROM porters teamed up to give you tastes, touch and features of the most popular android powered devices all over the world and now brings you LG G3 ROM.

Just reminding. Read and understand few root and flashing related article first before proceeding. Trust me, it really helps..


Always make a BACKUP. Try this at your own risk, I'm not responsible if your phone is damaged, or your girlfriend broke up with you.

  • 99% LG G3 UI 
  • LG G3 bootlogo and bootanimation 
  • Dual Sim 
  • Smart Pause - Video pauses when nobody's watching 
  • Palm Motion - Take a screenshot by swiping 3 fingers to the right 
  • Fully Rooted 
  • Dolby Digital Plus


How to install or flash LG G3 ROM?

  1. Download Rom
  2. Put downloaded rom on sd card.
  3. Boot to TWRP Recovery/CWM Recovery
  4. Wipe Factory Reset
  5. Flash/Install the Rom
  6. Click Reboot
  7. The phone will now reboot to System, Congrats

Busybox Installation

  1. Download Busybox
  2. Install Busybox
  3. Open Busybox and Click Install

  • Some misalignment on UI
  • Text Color Problem on some parts of the UI
  • Guest Mode Not Working
  • False Storage Information
== FAQs ==

  • Q: What is Busybox for?
A: Just install it, it is required on running some rooted apps like titanium backup.
  • Q: Does it have Reboot?
A: Use Rebooter app.
  • Q: I can't change my IMEI in MtkDroidTools, it prompts "abdb not install".
A: I told you to install Busybox...


Nameless Porting Team


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  1. Tried and Tested na po ba ito sa Cherry Mobile Me Vibe? Thanks and More Power

    1. Yes. The bugs are not really major so you can still enjoy this ROM.

    2. More Screen Shots po. Para makita ko yun UI. Thanks Nakakasawa na kasi Stock Rom. Hehe

    3. Kitkat version po ba ito o Lollipop? Thanks

  2. Installation Error. Installation Aborted? :(

  3. wipe cache partition wont work there is an error. can you fix this. thanks

    1. maybe your download is corrupted, what recovery are you using? make sure you are not in stock recovery.

    2. Sorry. I used the Stock Recovery that is why it is error but now I installed CMW. I flashed worked. Thanks

  4. Theirs some bugs on apps the storage are fake the internal of me vibe is 6.3gb den on LG was 30gb ow wow!!!

    1. yes, there was storage bug info but it's just minor.

  5. Please help, my flash do not work after the rom is installed, im using cherry mobile flare s3.. Camera flash do not work please help.. Big big thanks

    1. Hi Marc, I think you need to do a clean install for the ROM. Wipe all completely and format the system then reinstall the ROM

  6. Awesome! Do you mean ill wipe evrything including system? I will try that out.. Thank you so much!

    1. Yes Marc, that's what I'm trying to say.

    2. I tried everything yet still no flash.. Ill keep on trying.. Thank you so much for the help and the Rom.. Do you have xperia Z5?

  7. Can i try other roms for starmobile knight luxe?

  8. is there someone experience about Bluetooth problem ?

  9. hi admin,
    any updates po for LG G3? nainstalled ko na and i like it. may kunti lang bugs for changing the font.