Looking for an easier way on how to root your Flare S3 Octa?

Do you have difficulties on finding a worry-free solution to successfully gain root access to your Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Octa? If so, then you have to check out this step-by-step instruction on how to root your Flare S3 Octa and even a lot more devices with the same SoC by using an amazing one-click rooting tool installed in your computer.

Root exploit unveiled for Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Octa!

It is fortunate for Flare S3 Octa users to have a device running a SoC that is easy to tweak with a lot of optimization available. Similar with other popular smartphones, your Cherry Mobile Flare S3 will also be unchained for further capabilities for just following the guide for a few minutes without worrying on risky rooting processes.

How to Root Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Octa

This time, we will be giving you the set of instructions on giving up the limitations on your Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Octa. This device is running a MediaTek SoC which is common entry level SoC right know, so it might be that you are familiar with the procedure already. However, if you are not sure for what are the actions you are going to take now, it is best to read some of these guides for you to properly understand the risks in the future:

Please read the links to articles just above if you're not quite sure enough of what you are doing.

root flare s3 octa

Warning: I am not responsible for any damage it may occur during or after the process. Do it with care. Backup your current ROM as much as possible.


  • Computer (PC/Laptop) running Windows
  • USB Cable
  • iRoot

How to Root:

  1. From your Flare S3 Octa, go to Settings - Developer options, and check USB debugging to enable the feature.
  2. From your computer, download and install iRoot from link below.
  3. Once iRoot is properly installed, open it.
  4. Connect your phone to your computer using USB Cable.
  5. Wait for your computer and iRoot to detect your phone. If there's a popup to install/update driver, Install/Update it.
  6. Check the User Agreement and click Connect Device. (Check your phone for permission if any.)
  7. Now, click ROOT. (Check your phone for permission if any.)
  8. Wait for the rooting process ends. Your phone may reboot itself, it's normal.
  9. Once the rooting procedure was done, iRoot will automatically check your phone for root access.
  10.  Done.

Optional: Verify your root access by using Root Checker available at Google Play Store.

Now you may have gained root access for your Cherry Mobile Flare S3 Octa. For those who did it, congrats and enjoy! But for those who did not, this is not the end of the line. We still have more options here.

For those who did not find this guide successful, here's another option:


iRoot for Windows

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