Cosmos Force for the Geek

Some of Cosmos Force users might be satisfied by just having this android phone after buying it, they are the "Not Geeky One". For tech enthusiasts like us, we are still not contented of just having the same taste of our device, as long as we can, we are trying to make it more lovely and enjoyable using it; making it cooler that stands out from the others. Good thing you visited here, cause the I have just the thing you are looking for.

The root exploit compatible for CM Cosmos Force

Of course before any tweaking to start, gaining root access is a prerequisite. To provide you the working rooting technique for this type of device, this guide was made and tested by yours truly. Just make sure you are not new to computer-related stuffs for this guide easy to follow.

cherry mobile cosmos force root

How to Root Cherry Mobile Cosmos Force

It is recommended to any beginner or newbie to android root related stuffs to read and carefully understand the following technical definitions. After this, rooting Cherry Mobile Cosmos Force is as easy as counting.

Personal things you need:
  • A working brain
  • Cherry Mobile Cosmos Force, not-rooted android phone
Once you have all the things needed, follow this guide provided below and you will be able to have your LTE capable android phone rooted in just a few sec. Proceed by visiting the link below:

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  1. Hi, is there a root for Cosmos S2? model number is X260

    1. I'm planning to include that on this blog. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. works great! fast and simple. thanks

  3. I bootloop my cosmos force and i need a stock rom of my unit. Do you have a copy of stock rom? Please i really need your help. Thanks.