Got recovery for your android phone?

I bet there is. There's no way you searched in the internet and bumped on this page if you haven't. You came cause you don't have an idea on how to put your downloaded recovery to your android phone, whatever type it is, or you may have the idea but you just want to make sure that you won't do it the wrong way so you don't mess your smartphone. If so, this content will provide you the step-by-step procedure on how to successfully install your recovery to your phone with any version of Android.

The ways to install any recovery on your android phone

There are several ways on to do the installing stuff and I will try to guide you comprehensively. We can do the flashing by only using your phone, the easier one which I will going to show you on this article, or do the flashing using a computer, whether a PC or Laptop, it doesn't matter but little bit complicated. I separated the article on how to do it with the use of a computer cause the guide was a bit long as it was done thoroughly.

Flash Android Recovery

How to Flash any Recovery in Android Phone

We will be using two of the most popular apps for android that are capable of installing any kind of recovery, either be a stock or a custom recovery such as CWM, TWRP, as long as it was ported and intended for your device model and build.

  • As a superuser, you are suggested you understand the risks.
  • Make sure the recovery image is stored on your phone's SD Card and named as "recovery.img" without quotes. In some cases, it causes error once not renamed.
  • Methods 1 and 2 requires root access therefore, your phone must have it. You can root your phone by following Best and Easy Ways to Root your Android Phone or by using KingRoot

Method 1: Install any Recovery using Mobile Uncle Tools app
  1. Have Mobile Uncle Tools downloaded and installed on your phone
  2. Launch it and if asked for superuser rights, Grant it.
  3. Select Recovery Update then locate and select the recovery image from which you renamed as "recovery.img"
  4. Select OK and the installation will begin.
  5. Once done, you will be asked to boot Into Recovery Mode. press that.
  6. If booted successfully, you are done.

Method 2: Using Rashr Flash Tool
  1. You have to download and install Rashr Flash Tool app on your android phone.
  2. Open it and when ask for root permission, Grant it
  3. Choose Recovery -- Other from storage
  4. Select the recovery image that you previously renamed
  5. Agree to continue the installation. Just tap Yes when prompted.
  6. Wait few sec and tap on Reboot to Recovery.
  7. Your phone will boot in recovery mode. Check if the recovery was installed properly if you successfully booted on it.
  8. Done
Method 3: Using SP Flash Tools (A bit Complicated)

I created the instructions separately. If you still want it, just follow the link below:

Download the Apps:

Rashr Flash Tool - Mediafire - Google Play Store
Mobile Uncle Tools - Google Drive - Google Play Store

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