Maximize the fuze!

Cherry Mobile's surprises the heavy android smartphone gamers and power users with their newest Fuze S with a monstrous 4000 mAh battery! With a very few compromises, this full powered smartphone only priced at 4,499 Php, from which even I looked hard to have one.

Finally, after having this device and tried its performance and power, I was amazed on how great this smartphone was. With few optimization and tweaks, Cherry Mobile's Fuze S could be the most affordable yet powerful smartphone near its price range.

Optimizing Cherry Mobile Fuze S, start the hype!

Like the usual notes, minimal optimization done by most android apps is already good enough for an ordinary smartphone users, but for a techie person, as much as possible customization is a great stuff. To address you're boosting needs, here are the how to guides for rooting and flashing TWRP that will most probably assist you for your flashing needs.

Root TWRP Cherry Mobile Fuze S

How to Root Cherry Mobile Fuze S running android 4.4.2 Kitkat

Note: If you are not already new to rooting kind of stuffs, you may find this guide so piece of cake, but for the benefit of the most, please be careful on installing stuffs or modifying system files on root mode.

Flash TWRP on Cherry Mobile Fuze S

Rooting Fuze S was already enough actually if you were only just to use it for apps that need root access. However, if you really want to install custom recovery flashable ZIP's, you might really need a custom recovery first like the popular Team-Win Recovery Procject commonly known as TWRP.

To begin the flashing, here the guide for you:

1. Download TWRP_recovery.img that was made for Fuze S.

2. Place the recovery image anywhere on your storage (SD-card).

3. Download and install Rashr Flash Tool. (You may also use Mobile Uncle Tools but the steps may differ.)

4. From your phone, open Rashr Flash Tool, tap Recovery, select Other from storage.

5. Locate the TWRP_recovery.img that you have downloaded earlier.

6. Begin the flashing by choosing Yes. Wait for a few seconds and it will ask you to Reboot to recovery mode, proceed by agreeing.

7. Check if the TWRP recovery is working and it's done!

Notice: If you want to revert on Stock recovery, I have provided you a link for Fuze S stock recovery. Flash it by simply following the same steps above.

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  1. Please help my cm Fuze S won't boot after I follow the guide of TWRP Flash.! Please reply.! Thanks.!

    1. It should boot, the guide doesn't do anything with your boot.img. Try to boot on TWRP, wipe dalvic cache, cache.