Have thought of rooting Flare S3?

You may be an owner of this bang for the buck android phone but have it rooted crossed your mind? For a few Flare S3 users having a previous knowledge with rooting and flashing tweaks with their old android devices, I am quite sure they are looking for an answer for this and even if they do have it discovered, they still hesitate for what will be the outcome for doing so. For the relief of Flare S3 owners, today's blog article will be showing you the fried and toasted way to root Cherry Mobile Flare S3 in the easiest way it could be.

How to Root Cherry Mobile Flare S3 running Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

Before anything else, I need you to properly read what is rooting and would would be the pros and cons of rooting. Understanding these will help you decide whether to root and tweak your phone or stay remain on your phone's stock state.

Disclaimer: Do it at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage it may occur on your phone.

Please read: [Works on all Flare S3 versions]

The steps below are proven and tested to work on most versions of Flare S3 running 4.4 Kitkat. The users tried to do the steps below and sadly failed didn't harm their phones.

Root via Phone


Rooting Steps:

1. Download KingRoot.apk. Make sure it is in your phone's storage.

2. Install KingRoot.apk. If installation was blocked, go to your phones Settings > Security> Unknown Sources (mark it check) then reinstall.

3. Open KingRoot, tap Root to proceed rooting.

root flare s3

4. Wait until the rooting process is done. A check mark appears once you have successfully rooted your Flare S3.

If you saw that image after the rooting process, then you have rooted your phone. But wait, we need to verify if the rooting was properly done. Restart/reboot your phone then follow the steps below:

Verifying Root Access:

1. Install Root Checker.apk

2. Open Root Checker then tap Verify root access.

3. Wait for the app to check your device. If there's a prompt appeared, Grant it.

4. Once done, a message will showing your phone's root access state.

5. Done!

If you have failed with this method, try the best alternative which is Rooting Flare S3 via PC/Laptop.

Root via PC/Laptop


Rooting Steps:

1. Download and install iRoot and PDAnet.

2. From your phone, go to Settings > Developer options > USB debugging (mark check).

3. Connect your phone to your computer using USB cable.

4. Open iRoot.

5. Click Connect Device and wait for it to detect your phone. (It may take few seconds to detect).

6. Click Root and wait for the app to root your phone.

7. It may automatically restart your phone. It's normal.

8. Wait for iRoot to show that rooting was finished and whether if it is a success or failed.

9. Verify your root access using Root Checker. (Same steps shown above).

root flare s3


But wait, there's more! You may recognize that the installed superuser manager was a Chinese app. If you want it change like the usual SuperSU app, follow this guide:

1. Download and install SuperSU from Playstore.

2. Open SuperSU and it will prompt you "The SU binary needs to be updated". Click Continue.

3. Wait for the update to finish. Once done, go to SuperSU's Settings.

4. Find Trust system user and mark it check.

5. Select install SuperSU into /system then click Continue.

6. Once done, it should automatically restart/reboot your phone, if not, reboot it manually.

7. Done! Notice that Chinese su manager is gone. You can uninstall other Chinese apps if you want to.

Congratulations! You have successfully rooted your Cherry Mobile Flare S3.

Credits to Rv Abejo Angagan, Rhai Ryan II, Flare S3 United

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