Fully working TWRP custom recovery?

Actually, Team-in Recovery Project commonly known as TWRP and ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) does not really differ that much when it comes to flashing stuffs. However, the reason why people choose to install TWRP over the other popular recoveries is that its Touch capable UI, further added features such as file managers and its stability and performance. Flashing was never been easier with TWRP.

How to Flash TWRP in Cherry Mobile Flare S3 running Kitkat 4.4

I had a Cherry Mobile Flare S3 once and I am indeed sure that this how to flash steps I am going to share will be a fried one. To start of , continue reading the article.

Disclaimer: Flash at your own risk. You are the only one liable for the damage that may occur on your device after flashing stuffs.

Requirements: (Download links are found below post)

  • Cherry Mobile Flare S3 with Root Access - How to root?
  • Working TWRP for Cherry Mobile Flare S3
  • Rashr Flash Tool

Steps on how to flash TWRP

Cherry Mobile Flare S3 TWRP

1. Download TWRP recovery and save it on your phones storage (preferably SD-card).

2. Download and install Rashr Flash Tool

3. Open Rashr Flash Tool, tap Recovery > Other from storage and find the TWRP recovery image: CM_FlareS3_TWRP.img

5. If asked to continue flashing, select Yes then Reboot to recovery.

6. Once you successfully booted in TWRP recovery mode, it's done.

Credits to Ferdinand Antonio and Dix Villa for sharing.


Rashr Flash Tool [link 1] [Play Store]

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  1. hi is this twrp working woth flare s3 power too? thanks

    1. Unfortunately, no. But if you understand the guide on this link, you can port it to your phone on your own.
      Visit: How to flash CWM on your android

    2. gagana po ba ito sa flare s3 lite? patulong naman po

  2. Will this also work on flare s3 mini?