Finding out ways how to get Clockworkmod Recovery (CWM) installed on your Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum? Grab the opportunity to finally embed it to your smartphone. Thanks to Eyman Aguilar's share on this blog's comment area, we have now the chance to experience the most popular custom recovery on Omega Spectrum running the latest android version, Kitkat.

NOTE: This is only applicable on Omega Spectrum running Kitkat android version. Following this guide will help you flash CWM recovery via DFU, no root needed here. Special thanks to Eyman Aguilar for contributing this tut.

Disclaimer: Make sure to follow every steps in this tutorial. Failure to do so will results on boot-loop or hard-brick. If there’s a steps you don’t understand, it’s better to ask before you proceed.

cwm recovery omega spectrum kitkat
1: Download DFU Flasher and extract it.

2: Download the CWM recovery made for Omega Spectrum running Kitkat and move it to the extracted DFU Flasher inside images folder (if other recovery exist, rename it.)

3: Open the Downloaded DFU Flasher.

4: Double-click install_driver.bat. Follow the install wizard.

5: Double-click dfu.exe (don't mind errors, just click OK).

6: Click load and choose recovery.cfg (click OK if there's an error).

7: Click Browse and navigate to the downloaded DFU Flasher open variant folder, double click images.

8: Click Download and click Start.

Now, turn OFF your Omega Spectrum and plug it into your computer via USB Cable.
The DFU Flasher will start by first detecting your Omega Spectrum then it will start flashing.
Wait for the success message then proceed to disconnecting the USB Cable and reinserting the battery.
Enter recovery by holding Volume Up and Power button simultaneously.

Credits to: XDA, S5F FB Group, CMOS Official FB Group, Eyman Aguilar

Download Link:

Alternatively, follow the steps below:


1. Open RASHR Flash Tool

2. Choose flash recovery

3. Tap recovery

4. Choose from other storage

5. Look for downloaded CWM

6. Choose this file then flashing will start

7. It will ask you to reboot to recovery choose yes

8. Recovery mode has an image of galaxy s5

9. Choose reboot system now

10. Choose NO twice

11. Done!

Credits goes to Jeremy Sy Manansala and Alex Haha

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  1. thx for this, this is really great!.. credits to all the devs and to u sir princeton.
    1 question though, can use JB stock image instead of KK recovery image?

  2. sir princton, pwd na ba magamit ung mga custom roms na napost d2?

  3. If the description of the ROM does not include its support for Kitkat then you should not try it on your CMOS running Kitkat,

  4. can we flash another ROM like Relight V-modified stock rom???? after this process?