Storage problem with MyPhone Rio Lite?

It's been a good start modifying what comes with MyPhone Rio Lite out of the box, we have already rooted it, and get custom recovery installed into it. But if it is not enough for you and your storage problems was not given a solution, especially those who installs much of apps particularly heavy games, swapping your phone's internal storage with external SD card storage might solve your worries.

myphone rio lite swap

Carbon Swap mod for MyPhone Rio Lite

To address the issues regarding your phone's internal and external storage via SD card, this swaping mod will help you how to get rid of MyPhone Rio Lite storage problems, this will definitely benefit those who have much more SD card storage space.

Here's how to use SWAP phone's internal storage with external storage (SD card) on MyPhone Rio Lite

credits to Miyer C. Bernabe

What does it can do?

  • It will swap your phone's storage with SD-card storage and vice-versa. Basically, you need SD card to do this.
  • Rooted MyPhone Rio Lite - Not rooted yet? Follow this guide.
  • Custom Recovery (CWM, TWRP, CTR) - If you don't have one, follow this guide.
  • Carbon Swap for Rio Lite (flashable on custom recovery) - Download here (go to File > Download)

(Optional) Backup your important files and put them in your computer or USB Flash Drives. Also, backup your phone using the custom recovery you are having just in case something went wrong. 

1. Download the Carbon Swap for Rio Lite.zip and put it to your SD card.

2. Boot to Recovery mode.

3. Install zip from SD card

4. Find and select Carbon Swap for Rio Lite.zip

5. Install it and wait.

6. Done! Reboot system.

Now your MyPhone Rio Lite storage has been swapped. Enjoy!

Ho to unswap or uninstall the mod?

  • Just do the installation again and it will undo the changes.

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