Performance and battery problem? Worry NO MORE!

Most android devices are not built with powerful specs and even though they have, they are not fully optimized to work at their best performance and save as much juice of their battery. Plenty of these users tend to worry and suffer from a minimal experience with their android device and try to look for an app, mods, and ROM to give them a solution just to make it out from this issues. In fact, even a heavily-modified device still can't work on its optimum potential. What we really need here is the proper tweaks that was made to address the issues, and we are lucky that gauravj bring us Performance and Battery Tweak.

performance and battery tweak
With this Performance and Battery Tweak, any android device running Gingerbread (GB), Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), Jelly Bean (JB), or even KitKat, can achieve the smoothest performance and the longest battery life. After you flash this mod, you can say your device works like a CHARM!

What's with Performance and Battery Tweak?

This mod tweaks the build.prop of any ROM. Below are the following it features:
  • Full memory management with 5 different configs.
  • Zipalign apps in "/system" at every boot, and apps in "/data" every 48 hours.
  • CPU governors tweaks and improvements for better performance and battery life.
  • Increased SD Card read-ahead cache to 2048 KB to improve SDCard write/read speed.
  • Nos entropy seeder generator engine used to reduce lags.
  • Ad blocking.
  • Battery life improvements.
  • SQLite and database optimizing every 48 hours.
  • Network TCP tweaks.
  • Kernel, VM and sysctl tweaks and improvements.
  • File system speedup.
  • Build.prop tweaks and improvements.
  • Cleans log files and tombstones at every boot.
  • Many other tweaks for better performance and battery life!
  • Net booster tweaks
  • and many more

How to install Performance and Battery Tweak for ALL Android device?

Disclaimer: Flash at your own risk.

Before applying, make sure to have this:
How to flash?

1. Download the Performance and Battery Tweak.zip and put it to your phone's SD card.
2. Boot to recovery mode.
3. Optional, backup first if you don't have a backup. Follow this guide.
4. Install Zip from SD card.
5. Select and flash Performance and Battery Tweak.zip
6. Reboot normally and experience the smoothness!

credits: gauravj 

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  1. I have a myphone agua rio. Was trying this out but the install zip card option does not appear. What could have gone wroing. :-(

    1. make sure you have custom recovery like CWM or TWRP. stock recovery doesn't have that option and it's not safe to flash on stock recovery.

  2. does this works on miui rom ?

    1. of course, it works on any ROM as it says. make sure to remove any tweaks you have made on init.d folder if you have one. Check system>etc>init.d folder, delete all the contents on that folder then apply this tweak using the instructions above.

  3. Is this performance & battery tweak.zip works on mp rio s5500?

    1. of course. it works on most android device. just have a backup just in case you want to restore from your stock.

  4. I've downloaded all the above files and open terminal emulator. Type 'su' after the '$' sign and nothing happen,what have gone wrong?

  5. Sir Princeton, there is Init.d toggler apps which allow to enable & disable init suport. Do you think this will work? Instead using terminal emulator we use init toggler apps then flash the tweak zip. What do you think?

  6. I used Init Toggler apps and successfully flash the Tweak zip file. But I don't see big improvement on the batterly life, hoping there will be updated version...anyway thanks.

  7. Mp rio spec says 4g rom,but storage capacity shows only 1.6g,i don't thik android os files take too much space?

  8. Found new good app called VM Tweaks to optimize your device


  9. wow! it is very smooth.. thanks a lot! ;)

  10. (h) thanks very much my cubit s208 is super smooth and fast.

  11. it says installation aborted...whats wrong?

    1. redownload the file. make sure it's not corrupted.

  12. Why the file term-init.sh not found on my terminal emulator?
    I put the file term-init.sh on my sdcard but not found in terminal emulator?
    whats wrong?

  13. sir the performance and battery tweaks.zip download site is not available