Pinoy app for MyPhone android devices

MyPhone brought the nicest smartphone in the local market and continues their great job on delivering the most entry-level android phones and tablets at very competitive price. As the leading mobile manufacturer, they made an app that will help its Pinoy consumers a discover more and love their own nation even more.

Pinoy.apk, MyPhone's Pinoy app

MyPhone android units have been embedded a specially-made Pinoy app that contains proudly-pinoy contents, files, prayers, songs, and more! Enjoy and uncover the things which made it more fun staying and living here in the Philippines.

myphone pinoy app content

How to get Pinoy.apk app and contents for MyPhone android devices

Actually, Pinoy app is already installed in almost all android MyPhone units, but usually, it doesn't have contents so you were opt to download it. But for those who haven't had Pinoy app and its contents, This article will be guiding you how to get it. Just follow carefully what is instructed.

Things you need:

  • MyPhone Pinoy.apk application - click here to download
  • MyPhone android unit with micro SD card
  • Pinoy contents

    • For android Jelly Bean (JB) devices, download here
    • For android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) device, download here

How to install MyPhone Pinoy.apk app

1. Simply download and the app (pinoy.apk) and put it to your phone's SD card.
2. Find the app from your SD card and tap on it then select install.
3. Open the app and done.

How to set the MyPhone Pinoy contents

1. Download and extract the Pinoy contents (make sure it is suitable for your android version).
2. Put the extracted files on your phone's SD card.
3. Open the MyPhone Pinoy app and see if it works.

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  1. Sorry to disappoint Rio users. I have downloaded and installed the pinoy app and extracted the pinoy content but to my dismay an error message "File is not present" still appear. I went to myPhone service center to inquire and was advised that the pinoy app will not work and the content can only be played thru file manager.

  2. How can I get Theft Apprehension and Asset Recovery Application(TARA) app for myphone RIO?