New custom ROM present for MyPhone Ocean Pro

MyPhone Ocean Pro was not withheld from having awesome customization just like what the other android smartphones had. In fact, we have successfully rooted this device from which we have gained administrator rights with our device, next, ported a custom recovery in it that allows flashing most of the mods easily.

lewa os v5 myphone ocean pro

LeWa OS V5 custom ROM ported to MyPhone Ocean Pro

This new treat will be the custom ROM named LeWa OS V5, another one of the most popular ROMs present in the android development world, ported to MyPhone Ocean Pro. If you have aimed from getting a taste of a iOS-like or MIUI look-alike interface with fast and speedy performance, this one will surely bring you a hit of it.

Here's how to install LeWa OS V5 ROM on your MyPhone Ocean Pro

Without further babbling, here's how to flash LeWa OS on your MyPhone Ocean Pro. The steps are made to successfully flash the custom ROM with lesser or no problems at all. Please carefully read and follow the instructions.


    • LeWa UI
    • LeWa launcher ( MIUI Look alike )  
    • Clean port, No tweaks added
    • Rooted
    • Zipaligned
    • Storage Swapped



  • Installation:
    • Download the ROM (Lewa_Ocean_Pro.zip) and GApps (gapps-jb-20130812-signed.zip) and put the 2 files on your phone's SD card.
    • Boot to TWRP / CWM recovery mode.
    • (Optional) If you don't have any backup ROM, do a backup first. Follow this guide how.
    • Wipe data/factory reset, Wipe cache, Wipe dalvic cache
    • Go to mounts and Format System
    • Go to Install Zip from SD card
    • Find and choose the Lewa_Ocean_Pro.zip and proceed to install
    • Wait for the ROM installation to be completed
    • Again, go to Install Zip from SD card
    • Find and choose gapps-jb-20130812-signed.zip and proceed to install
    • Wait until it is done
    • Reboot.
    • Done
  • Fixing Boot Loop:
    • Wipe cache, Wipe dalvic cache, Fix permission and reboot.

  • Thanks to Christoper Infante for the ROM

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  1. the ocean pro and Blu Studio 5.5s are identical phones except modem/radio. Any chance you can make this work with the Blu. I tried flashing but it only gets 2g speed. Thanks,

    1. if you have stock ROM backup of your Blu Studio 5.5s, you can extract the modem.img found on the firmware. To fix the 2g only, copy the modem.img of your Blu Studio 5.5s and replace the modem.img from this lewa os of ocean pro. Let me know if it works.

  2. Hello Princeton I am trying out the new rom LeWa Rom
    its up and running but its say mobile network has password or code to unlock it
    i dont see any password or codes can you please help with this ...? i got this rom from the dev host blu users in google forum...

    1. You must unlock your device first. Ask those devs from where you got the rom.

  3. Hello Folks
    for this rom it ask me for sim lock code.. I use Blu studio 5.5s already unlock
    but the roms wants sim lock..i can not make no calls or anything deal with mobile network
    looks okay the rom but no use to me. what are my solutions?

  4. hi, I already did all steps but I got the boot loop, so I did the steps to fix it but the problem continue, could you help me please?
    Its a BLU Studio 5.5