Cherry Mobile Flare S2 and Xolo Q700s alike?

Have you been working so hard to get a mod and or a custom ROM for your Cherry Mobile Flare S2 while on the other hand, its OEM version Xolo Q700s enjoys a lot of mods and custom ROMs? This article will help you.

Following the guide below will help you upgrade, migrate, convert or whatever you say it, your Cherry Mobile Flare S2 into Xolo Q700s' official firmware, and with that, it allows your Flare S2 to easily port custom ROMs and also enjoy the ROMs which are made for Xolo Q700s too.

flare s2 to xolo q700s
But why I need to convert my Cherry Mobile Flare S2 firmware with Xolo Q700s'? Simply because Flare S2 has a different region or partition which made it difficult when porting ROMs, and since its OEM version, Xolo Q700s, has a lots of mods, it is very wise to use that advantage to upgrade the firmware so that Flare S2 can also enjoy the mods available for Xolo Q700s

Let's proceed to the guide below to get the upgrade started.

How to upgrade Cherry Mobile Flare S2 to Xolo q700s' official firmware

Disclaimer: Please read and understand what is told. Do it at your own risk. Upgrading firmware is sensitive and can possibly brick your phone when done wrong so be careful. We are not responsible for any damages it may possibly cause.


  • Converts Cherry Mobile Flare S2 to Xolo Q700s
  • Can apply ROMs, mods, etc that are made for Xolo Q700s
  • Simply, more tweaks and mods
Here are all the things you need:

Note: After downloading all necessary files, extract Xolo Q700s firmware and Xolo Usrdata and Cache in ONE folder only anywhere in your computer (let's name the folder Xolo Q700s Firmware). Also extract SP Flash Tool anywhere you want, then install Drivers Auto Installer (run install.bat and just wait for it to finish installing the drivers).

1. Open SP Flash Tools and run Flash_tool.exe

sp flash tool

2. Click Scatter-loading, a new window will appear looking for the scatter file, go to the Xolo Q700s Firmware folder and select MT6582_Android_scatter_emmc.txt and click Open.

3. The Xolo firmware is now loaded therefore all partitions in the list are checked automatically, if not are all checked automatically, you have not placed the Xolo Q700s and Usrdata and Cache in the same folder so put them in one and load the scatter file again.

4. Switch OFF or turn OFF your phone. When it is already off, plug-in the USB cable to your computer but NOT in your Flare S2.

5. Click on Firmware > Upgrade

6. Plug-in the USB cable to your Flare S2 and after few seconds, SP Flash Tool will detect your phone and it will start the upgrade.

7. Wait. If you see this image below appeared, the tool has finished the upgrade.

download ok

8. Disconnect or unplug USB cable from your phone to your computer.

9. Reboot your phone to recovery mode (Press and hold Volume up + Power button at the same time and wait until you need to choose recovery, press Volume down)

10. Do all wipe. Wipe cache partition, Wipe data/factory reset, go to advance and Wipe dalvic cache

11.Now go back and reboot system. Done!

Congratulations! You now have successfully upgrade your Cherry Mobile Flare S2 to Xolo Q700s!

Credits to Sotie Arlos FuentesKards Le Sharpeye

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  1. link to download xolo q700s firmware is not working. please update. Thanks

    1. link fixed. thanks for leaving your feedback.

  2. dead link for the xolo q700s official rom hyperlink....please update...Thanks

  3. thanks for the quick response

  4. sir ask lang po kelangan po ba nakatick din ung preloader at mbrr during upgrade?

  5. please help regarding this ""ERROR: Initializing scatter file FAILED. please check the name of scatter file which you load is legal. please please

  6. Phone is not detected while turned off, are you sure this instruction is correct ?

  7. plugging and unplugging the USB Cable did not work for me, instead i plugged in the usb to my phone (turned off) then removed the battery, then inserted the battery again, and it started upgrading..

  8. Usrdata is not detected by flash_tool when loaded from MT6582_Android_Scatter.txt. I'm pretty sure it's in the same folder where i put the file name cache.img

  9. found it out. edited the scatter file under PARTITION_NAME: USRDATA. file_name: was data.img not usrdata.img

  10. Phone isn't getting detected while turned off. Tried the method listed above (remove/re-insert battery after plugging in phone while turned off) still no go. Is it possible for this to be started while phone is on?

  11. Sir pahelp naman bumaba kasi ung internal memory ko dating 4gb naging100 mb nalng ;(

  12. my only problem is the USRDATA its uncheck I put all the files at in 1 folder including the firmware as what the instruction said

  13. USRDATA cannot seem to be checked even after I put the files in 1 folder...

  14. Why is the stock camera app's indicated max resolution for the rear camera is only 6mpx instead of 8mpx and the front cam became 4mpx instead of the stock 2mpx?!

  15. bkt ayaw m check ng usrdata,,magkakasama nmn n lahat ng files,ilang beses ko sinubukan ayaw tlga m check

  16. thanks bro ^_^ i already install this ^_^

  17. baliktad yung cache.img mo at usrdata.img...hahaha

    Rename nio dapat yung cache.img to usrdata.img

    Yung usrdata.img rename nio as cache.img

    Change name nio lang at ok na... ;)

  18. i just want to know how to fix my flare s2, after i flash this firmware my phone works fine and all of a sudden my phone is not turning on nor charging. it feels like a dead boot..is there any solution to fix my phone?