Starting to apply mods and tweaks but it ask for Init.d support?

Moving on after rooting an android device,  we rush on optimization of our android device's performance through flashing mods or tweaks. Most of these optimization files are scripts and tweaks on the root build properties and on the system Init.d. For any android device to comply the said tweaks, it is required to enable Init.d support to accept the changes and optimization.

enable init.d support
For those who don't know how to enable Init.d support on your android device, here's the easiest method for you to follow. The following instruction will allow any android device running any ROM to enable Init.d support. With the big help of Ryuinferno from XDA, we bring you Term-init, enabling Init.d support through terminal emulator method.

How to Enable Init.d Support on most Android

Disclaimer: We don't claim any risks upon applying this method. You are the one responsible for any possible issues it may cause to your device.


1. Open Terminal Emulator.
2. Type: su
3. Grant Superuser access when asked
4. Type in: sh /sdcard/term-init.sh
5. The script will execute and just follow the instructions showed.

Now that you have Init.d support enabled, you can now enjoy more tweaks!

credits: Ryuinferno for his work http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=32716412&postcount=2

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  1. Warning! this script bricked one of the phones I tried it on: Coolpad 8076D. Now it cannot boot and just ends up on a black screen. Needs to be flashed with original ROM i guess but there is no way to do that since it wont boot and there is no option for flashing the rom from the recovery menu. Anyone got any suggestion how to fix this?