Getting your MyPhone Agua Storm rooted

If you have owned one of MyPhone's previous android smartphones, getting this Agua Storm an administrator rights or the so called "root" access, fortunately, is not as difficult as you know it. After successfully gaining root-access with your MyPhone Agua Storm, you will be able to further tweak your device, remove lots of bloatwares and optimize your phone's performance. With the big help of XDA developers, rooting is made easier for every android users.

Various ways on how to root MyPhone Agua Storm

There are variety of methods on how to successfully root MyPhone Agua Storm. Just choose what rooting method you want to use. If the first procedure you tried did not work, try the other method. Just make sure to read and understand all the instructions given.
root myphone agua storm

Disclaimer: Rooting may void your warranty and may mess up your device. Do it at your own risk.

MyPhone Agua Storm Rooting Procedure:

1. Download this Framaroot app and put it in the SD card of your Agua Storm.
2. Install Framaroot and open it.
3. Select SuperSU
4. Tap Boromir
5. Confirm and wait for the app to root your Agua Storm
6. Done! Reboot your phone to properly load the changes

Not working? Try other rooting method such as vRoot.

Congrats! You now have your MyPhone Agua Storm rooted!

After rooting your device, it is best to flash a custom recovery.

Great thanks to: alephzain of XDA

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