MyPhone Ocean Pro Stock ROM for total restore

MyPhone Ocean Pro has the specs that can easily be modified and customized. An entry-level smartphone with a classy look has been mobbed by Filipinos and started to gain enough personnel to developed this awesome smartphone.

myphone ocean pro stock rom
For new users and new to tweaking the said device, it was already expected for them to make some mistakes on their first or trial attempts. If you can read some of this blog's article on modding, it is always a must to get your own backup of the ROM. But for MyPhone Ocean Pro users who haven't made the backup ROM, here's the Stock ROM for you. Even though I have made a separate article about the Stock ROM flashable through CWM, some of the users don't have it and some of the MyPhone Ocean Pro users can't boot to CWM, so for those who suffers this situation, today's article will be very friendly for you.

What this Stock ROM for MyPhone Ocean Pro can do?

  • Total factory restore
  • Fix most issues such as (invalid IMEI, soft-brick, hard-brick, boot-loops, etc.)
  • Fresh ROM


How to Flash?

credits: Hans Rob Mt

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  1. Is this the original ocean pro stock rom which is unmodified and not rooted? If it is, been looking for this, many thanks.