The ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery came to MyPhone Iceberg

After getting your MyPhone Iceberg rooted, the most suggested way is to flash custom recovery. Talking about custom recovery, what comes first in mind is the ever famous recovery from ClockworkMod. Getting this custom recovery allows more customization of any android device including MyPhone Iceberg.

myphone iceberg
Proceeding your readings, you will discover how to get Clockworkmod (CWM) recovery installed on your MyPhone Iceberg android smartphone. We have made up step by step instructions in order for you to safely flash it successfully. Just follow the guides as instructed and in no time, you'll enjoy your new custom recovery powered by ClockworkMod.

How to Flash CWM Recovery on MyPhone Iceberg

Here's the agreement. You must flash at your own risk. Thought the below mod is tested, it still has the possibility to damage your device. Anyways, it is your choice to do this.


1. Download all the requirements. Put the CWM recovery image in your phone SD card and rename it as recovery.img

2. Open Mobile Uncle Tools, if it asks for root-access, grant it.

3. Go to Recovery Update, select recovery.img then tap OK.

4. Wait for the app to flash the CWM recovery image. It should reboot you phone. If not, tap on Into Recovery Mode to reboot your phone to recovery.

5. Now, check your new custom recovery. Enjoy!

Note: After flashing the custom recovery, it is recommended to backup your current ROM. Find out how to backup with CWM recovery.

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