Want to get CWM recovery with touch support on your MyPhone Iceberg Slim?

Seems like you've successfully rooted your sexy MyPhone Iceberg Slim huh? It's a smart decision looking for a custom recovery for your phone from which you could use to start taking up snappy phone backups most especially, flashing flashable zips that contains mods or even ROM. I'm sure, what specific custom recovery you are trying to get installed on your phone is the popular ClockworkMod Recovery, also known as CWM, but I have this great present to you MyPhone Iceberg Slim users, the CWM-based custom recovery called Caliv Touch Recovery.

myphone iceberg slim cwm
Comparing to the traditional CWM recovery, this Carliv Touch Recovery or CTR contains functions just the as the CWM recovery but with an additional features of Aroma File Manager (you can now browse your files even when in recovery mode), it has also a well-categorized menu/options, and finally, its awesome touch-enabled interface. Excited? Let's port it now!

Here's how to install CWM-based Carliv Touch Recovery on your MyPhone Iceberg Slim

Following the instructions below, you'll gonna learn how to get Carliv Touch Recovery flashed on your MyPhone Iceberg Slim which actually works like CWM plus with added features. To get started, just be cautious of following the guides. Read them twice or trice to fully understand the instructions given to you just to avoid interruptions of problems.

Please Read: Do it at your own risk. You have the choice whether to follow this guide or not. I assure you that the below procedure are tested to work. Don't blame us for any damage if there is.

Give thanks or donate to Remon Piamonte for his contribution.

The things you need:


1. Download both files from above (Mobile Uncle Tools and Carliv Touch recovery.img)

2. Install Mobile Uncle Tool (Root Access Required)

3. Put recovery.img on root directory of your sdcard or phone storage

4. Open Mobile Uncle Tool

5. Grant root access if prompted

6. Tap Recovery Update

Make sure you are not connected on the net (disable packet data and or wifi)
Note: There should be only one result when you select Recovery Update since you are not connected to the internet. It should be the one "Recovery file in SDCard2 or SDCard1"

7. Tap recovery.img (the one that is saved on your Sdcard or Phone Storage).

8. It will prompt you if you are sure to flash recovery, tap OK.

9. Reboot to recovery, OK.

Done! Congrats, you now have CWM-based Carliv Touch Recovery on your MyPhone Iceberg Slim!

Immediately backup you phone so that you can have something to restore when something went wrong with your Iceberg Slim.

How to backup on Carliv Touch Recovery? It's just like CWM, follow this guide.

Happy Flashing!

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  1. meron po ba tayong stock recovery for myphone siceberg slim?.. thank you po