The much-awaited Kitkat update for Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum arrives

If you are one of the Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum users, I'm sure you are not going to miss out this newest Cherry Mobile treat, the Android KitKat 4.4 software upgrade. Currently, Android version 4.4 known as Kitkat is the latest android version from which officially came out on the month of September 2013. Now, it came to Omega Spectrum just this month and a lot of users mobbed the service centers aiming for a Kitkat 4.4 update on their owned Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum.

omega spectrum kitkat

How to update Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum to Android Kitkat 4.4

Disclaimer: Do at your own risk.

Note: Backup all your files including contacts, apps, images, musics and videos, and your files in your internal storage, phone storage and SD card.

Android Kitkat 4.4 Key Features:

  • New Look, Refined Design
  • Improved Overall Performance (Multitasking, Rendering)
  • New Awesome Features Added
Important: Your Omega Spectrum must have Stock Recovery not custom recovery installed. Follow this guide how to get back to Stock recovery.

Additional Notes: After getting the Kitkat update, most mods made for Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum running Jelly bean 4.2 may not work or might even brick it. You need to wait for the devs to release mods made for CMOS running Kitkat 4.4.


1. Download Omega Spectrum upgrade here: http://www.cherrymobile.com.ph/phoneupdates/spectrum/H600_Kitkat4.4_ota.zip

2. Insert your SD card to your Omega Spectrum.

3. Copy the H600_Kitkat4.4_ota.zip to your SD card using a micro USB cable plugged in to your computer.

a.   Please do not unzip the file. Just copy and paste it to your SD card.
b.   Please make sure that is the only .zip file that is on the SD card ( to be sure have your SD card formatted and delete the folders and files on your SD card except the H600_Kitkat4.4.zip ).

4. Turn off your Omega Spectrum.

5. When the Omega Spectrum is turned off. press the power button + volume up button for 5 seconds you will feel a vibration.

6. Choose english. To navigate, use volume up to scroll up and down to scroll down and press the power button to confirm.

7. Navigate again using the volume up or down button to select "apply update from external storage". Press the power button to confirm.

8. Navigate again using the volume up or down to "H600_Kitkat4.4.zip" and press the power button to confirm.

9. The upgrade will start, there will be yellow phrases. the last phrase will be "Install from sdcard complete".

10. Navigate again using volume up or volume down to select reboot system now press power button to confirm.

11. There will be a prompt that "Android is upgrading" please wait until it is finished. Upgrade to Kitkat 4.4.2 version of Omega Spectrum is now completed.

Congratulations! You have successfully updated your Omega Spectrum to Android Kitkat 4.4. Enjoy!

Source: Cherry Mobile

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  1. Sir I just upgrade my jb to this KitKat. But I lose my root access after that. Can u help me how to root ?

    1. For now, we are still looking for an exploit. Rooting CMOS running Kitkat is too risky so we just need to be more careful. I will update immediately as soon as rooting exploit is tested.

    2. Download towelroot v3. Just google the apk file.. Once done.. Tap the welcome note 3 timea at the popup bo x enter this value.. 1337 0 1 0 6 1 and hit the trigger.. Its done.. Install supersu and update the binary in a normal mode.. Now you are have a total root access.

    3. http://towelroot.com/ link to download.. Just click the symbol.. Just rename it as ".apk" if the download output became ".txt" file..

  2. what is the advantages of UPgrading to kitkat??

  3. just upgraded to kitkat and transition effects are gone... SMH

  4. I hope you can find the right eploit soon. Im counting on you guys.

  5. im updated to KITKAT NOW. problem is so many Bug on it, is there other way to get back to stock rom(JB)? can u Help me pls..


  7. sir .. can i ask .. can we try this on other CM units (like CM Titan 2.0, Titan Pro or Cosmos X) ?

    1. obviously it must not be done one other devices.