Got the latest MyPhone Rio Fun?

Rio has stayed in fame on the quad-core smartphone category. Right from the edge, MyPhone gives its shot in the dual-core smartphone scene from launching the newest Rio series, MyPhone Rio Fun.

If you're one of those people who rushed and bought MyPhone Rio Fun, or might be the future Rio Fun user who seek for a way to tweak and enhance what MyPhone Rio Fun has out of the box, then you are in the perfect place. The first step on tweaking your fun-packed smartphone is having a proper knowledge and understanding regarding the concepts of android development which came at the same way with this featured device.

root myphone rio fun

How to root MyPhone Rio Fun, the easy way!

Reading the basics of rooting is a must. Once fully familiarized that stuffs, it's the about time to proceed on how to root your MyPhone Rio Fun. To start of, any Rio Fun user must comply the necessary stuffs to successfully unchain your phone without or lesser problems.

Method: Rooting Rio Fun without using computer

The most popular android app to root most android device, Framaroot.

Caution: Please do it on your own risk. We are not liable for any damage it may cause to your device, you are doing it on your own choice.

MyPhone Rio Fun
Framaroot app


1. Go to your Rio Fun phone Settings -- Security and enable or check Unknown Sources.

unknown sources

2. Download the Framaroot android app and put it to your micro-SD card.

3. Using your phone's file manager, find the Framaroot app, tap on it and select Install.

4. After installing the app, Open it. Anyways, the app will appear on your apps list/drawer.

framaroot app

5. Select Install SuperSU then further tap Barahir or Boromir (your choice). From there, the app will try to root your Rio Fun so just wait a few seconds.


6. Now its rooted. :)

framaroot supersu

7. Check the SuperSU app on your app list and verify if you have successfully rooted your Rio Fun by downloading Root Checker free app on Play Store or you can just Google it.

NOTE: If you failed to root your device using this first method, you still have the best alternative. Proceed reading the steps below..

Update For Rooting Rio Fun Jelly Bean or Kitkat Version

If you have failed several attempts using popular apps and other guides in the internet, finally, you can achieve superuser privilege by this another one-click tool for your android phone.

Learn how to root your Rio Fun running Kitkat Version.
All you need is the following:

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  1. why BOROMIR??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mC54J3J25I this video form youtube used "BARAMIR" for rooting..

    1. Either way, it depends on what works on your device. That's why there is a selection to choose what type of method the framaroot will use.

  2. Just wanna ask...can i use Kingroot for my myphone agua rio fun kitkat version? Its because i cant open framaroot on my phone

    1. Yes for Kitkat, you should use Kingroot. Please proceed to the link how to use the app well.

  3. Sir please help me, framaroot is not working on my phone rio fun kitkat version, any app that can help me? Thank you!

  4. For those who have problems with rooting, you can try KingRoot

  5. framaroot is not working. it says 'internal storage is running out, the application has been stopped'
    pls help

  6. i used framaroot and KingRoot or even Iroot.. those apps didnt help me... is there any way to root my rio fun.. kitkat version... pls! thanks!

  7. I try farmaroot its say faild super su binary not installed

  8. sir Good day. can this make my internal memory go bigger? my phone rio fun

    1. Joe> Unfortunately you cannot my friend if what you mean is by increasing the storage then its not possible.. you can only maximize the full capacity of your storage when you root it. for eg:
      your Phone has a 8gb Storage statistically you can only use 6.gb something out of it because of the pre installed apps. by rooting you will be able to remove these pre-installed apps.. that fills the 8.Gb of yours.. :-)

  9. Joel Unfortunately you cannot if what you mean is that increase you storage its not possible. cuz its a fixed amount. you can only maximize the storage space by removing pre-installed apps. for example you have a 8gb internal mem statistically you can only use 6gb of because of the pre installed apps. if you root ur phone u will be able too maximize the 8gb storage