Android is indeed awesome! Android OS has different features from which users tend to switch one version to another. However, most android devices does not have the official software that was not available for their device, there goes this article where we can learn how to do it properly.

android flashing

This article will be discussing how to flash any ROMs, mods, or apps whether official or unofficial to a specific android device which can make significant changes in your device software. But before we do that, let's understand what are these ROMs, mods and apps.

What are Mods?

Modifications in short, mods, are customization of a particular software in an android. It could either be, modifying apps, creating scripts, customizing themes, tweaking for performance, and other optimization. The word stock means the default state of a software from which it is the safest and compatible state for the device. Modifying a stock apps or anything can make the device improve a lot in overall performance however it can also make the device perform bad.

What are Apps?

In android, applications or apps are developed for the use of the devices which runs Google's android platform. Apps are software that has GUI to make android devices perform such commands fast and easy. Why flash Apps? There are apps that are highly functional, it can cause big changes with your system. Usually, these apps are modified apps that can access the system files and values from which it requires root-access and are required to be installed via flashing from a custom recovery since flashing from recovery allows mass installation of apps and scripts, and setting right permissions, installing from a custom recovery will be easier.

What is ROM?

ROM is android's operating system (OS), also called firmware. Why ROM? Because like computer, it is saved on the Read Only Memory part of android device's hardware. Though android smartphones and tablets has stock ROM by default, one thing you can say android is great because just like computers, android is capable of switching or changing its operating system whenever you are already tired of it if and only if you already gained root access with your device.

Why flash a ROM? 

Flashing a stock ROM allows the android device to get its fresh, clean and original default version of operating system. Otherwise, flashing a custom ROM can give you more added features, style, and performance. With a custom ROM, it we can get the most updated versions of Android OS to our device, we could even enhance its performance, extend battery life, removing unused system apps known as bloatwares, and the best one is applying customized themes and modified user interfaces.

Before doing any flashing, make sure to backup your device if anything might goes wrong. Read this article how to do backups with android.

Disclaimer: Flash at your own risk! We, as well as the contributors and the developers of the mod, are not responsible for bricking your devices or any possible damage it may cause.

How To Flash Apps or Mods Via Custom Recovery


1. Download the Apps or Mods that are Flashable through custom recovery and place it to your device's SD card storage.
2. Reboot your device to Recovery mode, CWMR or TWRP
3. Now, Install Zip from SD card
4. Choose Zip from SD card, select the Apps and Mods (in flashable zip format) that you have downloaded.
5. Select YES to Install
6. Wait until its the flashing is successful
7. Reboot to normal. Done!

How To Flash ROM from Custom Recovery


1. Download the ROM (in flashable format) and place it to your device's SD card storage
2. Reboot your device to Recovery mode (either CWMR or TWRP)
3. Go to Wipe.
4. Wipe all data/factory reset, then Wipe cache partition, go to Advance and Wipe dalvik cache
5. Select Install Zip from SD card
6. Choose Zip from SD card, select the Stock ROM that you have downloaded.
7. Select YES to Install
8. Wait until the installation is done
9. Reboot and enjoy!

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