Let's mod MyPhone Agua Infinity

A very powerful android smartphone indeed which came from MyPhone Infinity. But if you are not satisfied for its environment and want to experience more of its hidden features, let's get it modified then!

To begin with, the initial phase of modding is getting it root. If you don't have your device rooted yet, here's the best and easy guide to do the rooting on MyPhone Infinity. Once got your Infinity rooted, the next phase will be installing custom recovery most preferably the popular ClockworkMod recovery responsible to do advance flashing stuffs.

myphone infinity cwm

Getting ClockworkMod recovery on MyPhone Infinity

Lucky you because this article will provide MyPhone Agua Infinity users like you the way on how to get CWM recovery installed or flashed on your device. Once CWM recovery is installed on your Infinity, it will allow you to do more advance task such as backing up your ROM easily and most especially, doing the flashing.

Let''s get it started then...

Disclaimer: Do the flashing or installation at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damaged device. You have the choice to apply the mods on your device.

I have done it for several times and it really worked, just make sure to follow carefully the instructions.

Rooted MyPhone Agua Infinity - follow this rooting guide
Mobile Uncle MTK Tools - download from Play Store
CWM recovery image - download here

Optional: Backup your stock recovery image or whole stock rom.


1. Download CWM recovery and put it to your phone storage (SD-card).

2. Download and install Mobile Uncle MTK Tools to your rooted MyPhone Agua Infinity.

3. Open Mobile Uncle MTK Tools, tap Recovery Update.

4. Find the CWMrecovery.img on your SD-card and install it.

5. Wait for the app to replace your stock recovery. Once done, select Into Recovery Mode so you will reboot to your new CWM recovery.

Congrats! You have successfully flashed CWM recovery to your MyPhone Infinity.

After you have successfully installed CWM recovery to your device, get a backup of your ROM as soon as possible so we can restore it whenever something wrong happens. Here's how to easily backup your ROM using ClockworkMod or CWM recovery.

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  1. When I tap Recovery Update, 25 items are shown to me. Which to use? TIA.

    1. You mean you don't know what recovery you've downloaded and placed on your sdcard? Remove other recoveries there except the one you are going to use.