Flappy Bird developer unveils its come back

Just today, in accordance with CNBC, the Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen unveiled that the popular game will be returning this month of August. Nguyen lately told in his interview with CNBC's Kelly Evans, Flappy Bird is now preparing its way for a successful come back with a new version featuring multiplayer game-play and is expected to be less addictive.

flappy bird returns
The previous Flappy Bird game-play includes a bird which tries to go through the line of pipes, by tapping the screen, it allows the bird to fly in the air and to keep its way through the obstacles. This simple game became a hit to the fans which made it into the top among other apps in the market. The play was very awesome that it challenges the player to get their highest score, beat their scores and even compete with other players.

Unexpected effects of the previous Flappy Bird

Reigning its wild popularity, the creator of the Flappy Bird game, Dong Nguyen, came to an unanticipated decision of pulling out the game due to the enormous amount of attention the users has been spending with it, becoming an addiction. It was a problem unpredictably occurred and so he has to remove it right away.

After the removal of the games on the stores, fans started to bid their devices featuring the game, mostly selling it online. Moreover, clones of the Flappy Bird game has been starting to flood the stores hoping to replace the popularity of the original game.

The newest Flappy Bird with multiplayer mode

The wait for the original game to return will soon end as Nguyen announced the come back of Flappy Bird game this coming August. The newest sequel is clearly made less addictive with an added feature of multiplayer play.

Let us wait for the updates of this game as this new sequel will definitely reclaim its position on the App Stores.

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