What is rooting in android

While you are using an android device, you have probably heard about rooting. To many android users have been talking about this and I'm sure you don't want to be left alone with them. This article will help you understand what is rooting and what its advantages and disadvantages to your android device.

What is Rooting in Android | Pros and Cons

What is Rooting in Android

Root came from the word that describes the user having superuser rights or privileges on the system files. Android is developed based on Unix/Linux kernel that is why the terms are based on Unix/Linux as well.

Since android is a Linux kernel-based OS, rooting is defined as the process of obtaining "Superuser" rights to your android system. User guest rights by default from your device manufacturer was elevated after successfully rooting your android device. With Superuser privileges, you will be able to access your system files, read, write, modify and delete them.


With superuser right, you can have the freedom for your android device.

You'll have the ability to change and install modified/custom ROM's that changes the overall android software.

custom rom

This is one of the most popular custom ROMs known as MIUI
photo credits from XDA

You have the control to configure hardware and system components for better performance.

setcpu for root users

Photo credits from SetCPU
SetCPU app lets you control your CPU frequency for better performance or better battery.

You can install custom modified themes and animations.

Photo credits from xTheme Engine
xThemes Engines enables you to select custom themes. The theme covers all part of system apps not only launcher.

Install scripts and mods that tweaks your android features.

Photo credits to XDA and it's creator
V6 Supercharger lets you tweak your android performance for better overall performance.


May void your carrier warranty
Your carrier does not dispose android device which are already has root access. Simply because the defaults were optimized for better safety than better performance. When you root your android device, it is your decision to take the risks of modifying your system which are the default values of your device. Your carrier is not responsible for the risks you take.


One of the worst thing that may happen to your phone is bricking it. Why does it called brick? Simply because your android device can be compared to a brick when you screw it up. When having superuser rights, you must be knowledgeable of what you are doing. A simple mistake may cause damage to your android system and even to your android device hardware.

There are two kinds of bricking your android device, soft brick and hard brick. Soft brick means your android device is half alive, in short, your android device can be revived. You can identify soft brick when you can't turn on your device but it has power on it or if it can still be detected by your computer with drivers installed. Hard brick simply means dead. No power, no LED, no computer detection.


Have you been installing custom mods and ROMs? Have you ever got stocked in boot animation and it does not boot normally? If yes, then you have experienced bootloop. This problem is one of the most common problems when you have done wrong or you have installed an incompatible mods that interferes the normal booting. It was called bootloop because the cycle keeps looping during boot.


A lot of apps requires root permissions that may contain malicious scripts that may damage your files and system. It can also contain viruses, keyloggers, spywares or trojans. So better beware, only install apps with good user reviews and from trusted sites. Download antivirus and security application from our respected app store to prevent and avoid them.

Unrooting android possible?

Yes you can. It is very simple and easy. Most android device with root access preinstalls "SuperUser" or "SuperSU" app that manages the applications that requires root access. Running Superuser and selecting "Full Unroot" will fully unroot your android device.

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  1. ive experienced the black screen of death(myphone rio)....is this because ive rooted the phone???

  2. it is possibly yes. i've rooted myphone rio and installed s4 custom rom. But I can't restore it to orig ui.