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I certainly know you've been having a hard time finding out how to speed up and reduce lags on your android device. Now, I would like to share to you one of the most effective ways to reduce lags on your android and dramatically speed it up by just installing a root required android application.

Let me introduce to you Seeder, an android application that generates entropy that results to a significant reduction of lags and boost its performance. Seeder works as a performance tuner and an android manager but it requires Root Access to perform. This one of the easiest way to boost your android's performance, you may also try disabling android services and apps to increase RAM on your android device.

Seeder: Speed up and Reduce Lags on Android

Let us begin with checking if your android device has root access to the system. If your device was not yet rooted, you must root it now (search "how to root android" in this blog for the guide).

Next step will be downloading of the Seeder application. To download the APK, you may visit the original thread of Seeder on XDA here and look for Seeder 2.0.0.apk or your may directly download it here. Now if your done, copy the downloaded Seeder app and move it to your android device.

From your android device, find the seeder application which you have copied and install it as a normal APK or android application. After installing, open it and you will notice that there's a combo box which you can select a RNG service performance profile. You may select whichever you want, in my case I use Aggressive and it works best. You may check Start automatically on boot to start it automatically when you have just turned on your android and you may also check Suspend RNG service while screen is off so it won't run when your screen is turned off.

Finally, turn it on to start the Service but make it sure that you have granted Superuser rights. You will see that the application keeps your entropy up, that means that the service is working and it speeds up and reduces lags on your android device.


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