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Galaxy S5 has been Samsung's newest Android smartphone flagship which was released internationally with corresponding variants. With this article, we will provide you guides on how will you able to root your Samsung Galaxy S5 of any variant.

You have to fully understand the little risk you are going to take from rooting your android smartphone. Although rooting gives you so much opportunity to tweak your phone and install anything as long as its compatible, it can also cause your phone to malfunction if the enhancement was done improperly (See this article to fully understand what is rooting and its pros and cons). What you need to do is to be careful for every steps you take.

In this rooting procedure, we will be using CF-Auto-Root method which originally developed by Chainfire, a recognized android developer, contributor and a senior moderator of XDA. Before using this method, I have assured that it is safe, easy and working method for rooting your Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900* or even any other Samsung devices out there.

Before we proceed, here is the things you need to successfully root your Samsung Galaxy S5:
  • You must have the device (Samsung Galaxy S5) and a USB cable
  • You must have a computer with Windows OS which you will connect your smartphone
  •  Prepare your device by enabling USB Debugging. Go to Phone Settings > Developers Options.
  •  Download CF-Auto-Root for your Samsung Galaxy S5 variant. 
(Go to Phone Settings > About > Model Number to check your variant)

Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900F (International Qualcomm)
Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900H (International Exynos)
Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900I (Oceania)
Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900L (Korea)
Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900M (Middle and South America)
Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900P (Sprint)
Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900R4 (US Cellular)
Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900T (T-Mobile US)
Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900T1 (Metro PCS)
Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900W8 (Canada)

NOTE: Download the file which corresponds your variant or else it will damage your phone)
If your device was not on the list, please wait for Chainfire to update them.

  •  Charge your phone more than 50% so we can assure that it could sustain the process.

How To Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900*

1 From your computer, extract CF-Auto-Root file that correspond your phone variant which you downloaded above. Extract it to a folder.

2 Open the Folder where you extracted CF-Auto-Root. Notice that it contains a CF-Auto-Root.MD5 file type and Odin v3.exe something like that (it depends on your variant). If there's no Odin app included, Download it Here.

3 From your device, reboot your phone to Download Mode. Press and hold down Volume Down + Home + Power buttons all at ones when your phone is off, stay until you see a warning interface. Press Volume Up button to continue the mode.

4 From your computer, run Odin v3 app as admin from the folder where you extracted the files.

5 When your phone is on download mode, connect your phone to your computer via USB cable. Your device must be recognized by Odin, if not install the proper drivers for your phone and repeat the process. If your phone was detected, it will be showed on Odin's status.

6 Click the PDA button and select CF-Auto-Root-....tar.md5 file from the folder you have extracted earlier. Make sure Repartition is NOT checked then click Start button.

7 Odin will now begin rooting your phone. When it is done, PASS!! status message will appear on Odin's Interface and your phone will automatically reboots.

8 Your phone must now be rooted. To verify it, check your app drawer if there's SuperSU app installed. Download and install Root Checker from Google Play Store to see if your phone is completely rooted. There are times that your phone may not root at the first attempt. It is safe to retry.

Enjoy using root required apps and mods!

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  1. thanks for your sharing and i hope it will work.. keep up the good work..
    what if it didnt work is theres a possible way to back to the original firmware?.

  2. Can you please ensure if any of the above works with samsung s5 dual sim 900FD model