MTK Droid Tools

As Mediatek smartphone chipsets have gained its popularity in the market not only due to its performance but also for its affordability, many users tend to buy these smartphones. However, most MediaTek devices nowadays were produced locally. The problem is the limits bound to these devices when it comes to tweaking such as rooting, installing custom recoveries and more, due to lack of developers for their device.

What is MTK Droid Tools?

Fortunately, rua1, an XDA member, created MTK Droid Tools for Windows from this main thread which enables users to root, apply custom recovery and backup any MediaTek devices in a very simple and easy way. Its package also contains ADB Shell which allows to apply commands from a Computer to any MediaTek device. This tool can also restore IMEI, reveal your phone's true specs and discover more. This is a very excellent tool which should be a must have apps if you own a MediaTek device. Check out his main thread discussion or by just directly get this amazing tool here.

MTK Droid Tools is tested working on MT6592, MT6582, MT6589T, MT6589T, MT6577, MT6575, MT6572 and any other relevant MTK CPU / SoC.

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  1. Good Day Sir Princeton!

    I forgot to mention, regarding the flash tool, do we have this? I mean the CMW works only if the unit still can boot. But what if you can only boot to download mode? Then flash tool (using PC) will solve the problem. I always encounter this before (to my S5570 samsung) if there's a softbrick after flashing several CustROMs. My remedy is using a flash tool (Odin) & use a zip stock ROM to flash it again. It really works to recover your phone brick.

    1. Yes, I will be adding that tool too :) SPF Tool is great for reviving phones

  2. how to restore
    backup rom ?

  3. can my MPRC work on this too ?

  4. Shows up as malicious in Chrome.

  5. where to get omega icon stock rom ? please help :(

  6. Is this version compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop? I had trouble with the previous versions

  7. mga sir pwede po ba gawa din po kayo ng para sa rio grande? pls :(