As an android user, I'm sure you are aware what does an android OS is capable of, one of the best part of it is modding. There's to many android mods that exist in the internet but the problem is its compatibility to our device.

Make Your First MOD Now with Android APKTool

I present to your APKTOOL, the tool which most android modders are using to modify any android application. APKTool is a tool used to decode and rebuild android applications to apply some fixes or modifications. Other than that, what I like most of this is it's very lightweight and easy to use.

To make your first mod now with android APKTool, you must have:

1. JDK (Java Development Kit) - Download

2. Android SDK (OPTIONAL. install this if you want to edit 9.png, use ADB, zipalign and other utilities)
- Download

3. Notepad++ to edit XML files - Download

4. Winrar (to open compressed files and APK files) - Download

5. APKTool - Download

You can now start modding by following APKTool Basics: Modding Android Apps

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