iPhone | Android: Make battery last longer

Smartphones such as android phone and iPhone are very popular when it comes to advance technology it packs. As a smartphone user, I know that you've been facing a lot of troubles when it comes to your battery, that it could not even last a day. Know how to solve your battery problems with these easy tips.

Note: The following tips are also applicable to any mobile phones.

What you need:
A big amount of patience and exploration of your device.

iPhone | Android: Make battery last longer

1 Know how to turn off after using or if your not totally using it.
This is the most common problem that resides in the user not within the device. Your phone is designed to follow its master and you, as a user, are the master. Turning on any features requires power, therefore you must turn it off to save power.

Turn off Bluetooth
Turn off GPS
Turn off Wifi
Turn off Data Connection
Turn off Auto Sync
Turn off Notifications
Turn off Auto Rotation

2 Reduce brightness level.
You must not keep the brightness level at 100%. Adjust the brightness just enough that you can properly see your screen display. Screen brightness greatly increases battery consumption, therefore, you must know how to adjust them.

What I usually do:
Under the sunlight: 100% brightness level
On normal light: 40-50%
Night/Low light: 10-15%

3 Properly close applications after using. Do task killing.
Applications and services running on background takes a lot of RAM which requires an amount of power, therefore, in order to save more battery juice, you must close those apps and services after using.
Don't use power saving apps, it will only add apps running in background.

Here is an article for root android phones Disable Background Apps/Services in Android Phones which you can follow.

4 Keep away from heat.
Heat makes your battery drain fast. Also, it may cause damage to your phone's hardware. Keep it cool by avoiding it from hot places, let it sleep for a while or by turning off the features that makes your phone hot.
Your phone's temperature usually increases when playing games, making phone calls and browsing the net. Using the features that requires more of hardware power consumes more energy.

5 Minimize animations and effects on your phone.
Animations, live wallpapers and effects make your GPU and CPU work hard which eventually consumes more of your battery, thus, reducing or totally removing them not only saves you more battery but also makes your phone perform smoother and faster.

6 Reduce screen timeouts. Turn your screen off.
Turning your screen of makes your phone rest and sleep for a while. It significantly reduces your battery consumption since your LCD lights are turned off and some features are disabled when the phone is at sleep mode.

7 Use dark theme or background.
Using colorful designs forces your hardware especially your phones GPU to perform harder which therefore requires more battery power.

8 Avoid using Dual Mode. Only use GSM when not in browsing mode.
Using dual mode forces your signal to keep on searching better signal strength for it to be used. Note that cellular standby is the second thing that consumes more battery so you must prevent it. GSM mode is enough for making phone calls and messaging so there will be no problem about it.

9 Learn how to use Flight mode. (My Favorite)
Flight mode disables your phone's cellular standby which makes your battery last longer but sacrifices the ability to do calls, messaging and data connection but you may still use WiFi to browse the internet. Turning flight mode on is the best way to save battery and play games longer.

10 Power off phone if your not totally using.
This is very self explanatory. If you think you don't need your phone anymore, turn it off.

Do this simple steps for your phone, iPhone | Android: Make battery last longer is surely the best answer for your problem.

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