Android devices got so much of exciting features that ease our daily technical needs. One of these features is how to use any android phone as a broadband through USB tethering. Another ways of tethering was previously posted in this blog where you can learn how to create a WiFi hotspot using android device which can be compared as Pocket WiFi feature. There are plenty of android users out there who are not able to explore their android device well, actually, the features present in an android device are quite hidden in the system as some are not accessible and some terms are very technical to understand. It is always good to play safe but it is good to know the hidden features of your device, that is why Android How is here to inform you the ways of android thingy.

How to Use Android Phone as Broadband | USB Tethering

android usb tethering

Before we start, you must have a working internet connection from your android device. It does not matter if it is a prepaid or postpaid plan as long as you can connect to the internet. Take note that all restrictions from your ISP will still be your restrictions when sharing your connection after this method.

There will be 2 working methods on how to use your android phone as broadband or USB Tethering. First method is by using the built in feature of your device which is good for normal users and another one is by downloading a third-party apps from Google Play Store which allows you to configure more of tethering capabilities. What I will show you is how you will be able to do USB Tethering without using any third-party applications.

Step 1 Enable the Data Connection from your device. If you do not know how to do that, go to your device Settings > Wireless and Networks > Mobile Networks and enable the Data Connection. There should be a mobile network type that appeared above your signal status like (3G, H, LTE, EDGE)

Step 2 Go to your device Settings > Developer Options and check USB Debugging. Enable this to avoid possible connection problems.

Step 3 Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable. It is always recommended to install proper drivers of your phone to avoid possible problems to occur.

Step 4 Go to your device Settings > Wireless and Networks > Tethering and Portable Hotspot and tap USB Tethering to enable it.

Step 5 Wait for your computer to detect your android device, process and configure your adapter and IP. Notice that the Network Connection icon on the lower right side of your computer is connecting. If not, install your device drivers.

Step 6 Wait for your network to be completely established before trying to browse the internet. If you can browse then you are done, if not, repeat the steps until you are able to connect.

NOTE: Some ROM's are having problems with regards to USB Tethering so another way to share your internet connection to your other devices is through WiFi Tethering.

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  1. how about a reverse procedure sir? Can I use my laptops internet connection (wired or wireless) so that my phone can browse/download through the net?

    1. Reverse tethering is quite difficult so I better suggest setting your laptop as a WiFi hotspot.