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After checking my blog's visits, I found out that there's too many users searching on Google for a guide on how to root their MyPhone Agua Ocean Lite and Mini, that's why I have thought of creating this article.

Just an update, this method also works with MyPhone Ocean Pro.

After releasing MyPhone's budget friendly android smartphones Agua Ocean Lite and Mini, many android fans has the great opportunity to grab an android handset in a very affordable price. I will never be surprised if there's too many users searching for a official discussion and tutorials for their respective MyPhone Ocean series device.

Before proceeding to this rooting guide, what an android owner must know is the risks that can possibly occur on tweaking your MyPhone device. Make sure you have the good brain to follow the instructions carefully and a patience to wait. Finally, read and understand what is rooting, pros and cons for you to be knowledgeable of the effects of rooting.

Guide How To Root MyPhone Agua Ocean Lite and Mini

In my perspective, I can suggest the 3 best methods to root your device. The methods below are my recommendations sorted by order (from easiest to easier) for rooting your device. If you have failed to root on the first method, try the second method. This methods are safe so you only have to worry is your MyPhone's warranty.

1 Rooting using Framaroot
2 Rooting using vRoot
3 Rooting using Root Genius

But the easiest method is using Framaroot. How? Proceed to this article on how to root your MyPhone Agua Ocean Lite, Mini in a very easy steps.

Credits to XDA

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