HOW TO: Make your android phone look like iPhone

Android phone has been the 1st choice of the smartphone owner wanna be's since android smartphones are much affordable and offers great mobile experience. As android being a highly customizable operating system for smartphones, it is capable of changing schemes which allow users to take their own desired styles.

In this article, you will going to learn how to make your android phone look like iPhone by just following this easy steps or by following the video below:

Step 1: Connect your android phone in the internet by connecting from WiFi or Data Connection.

Step 2: Open Google Playstore app from your app drawer and search "espier launcher"

Step 3: Select "Espier Launcher 7", download and install it.

Step 4: After the Espier Launcher 7 is installed, open it. Just skip the user guide.

Step 5: Now you've got your phone look like iPhone, set it as default launcher by pressing the Home button of your device, select Espier Launcher and tap "Always".

Step 6: Done! You may also download other iPhone plugins such as lockscreen and more by opening the Espier application from your app drawer.

Now, you already know how to make your android phone look like iPhone.

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