transparent android keyboard

There are always and easy way to apply tweaks on our android device. You may have made your android statusbar transparent or you may have made your framework transparent. For this post, I will going to show you how to make any android keyboard transparent by just following this easy steps.

You only need is brain for understanding the steps, an android phone and featuring Hacker's Keyboard.

Step 1: Go to Play Store app from your android device.

Step 2: Search "hacker's keyboard', hacker's keyboard app will appear and select it.

Step 3: Download and install hacker's keyboard.

Step 4: Open Hacker's Keyboard  installed app from your device and tap "Set Input  Method"

Step 5: Select "Input Methods" and mark "Hacker's Keyboard" and tap the settings icon.

Step 6: Select "Theme and Label settings > Keyboard Theme > select "Transparent Experimental".

Step 7: You can modify other options you like and now try it by opening app that can trigger the android keyboard like opening Messaging app.

Step 8: Drop down or expand the notification panel and select "Choose Input Method" select "Hacker's Keyboard.

Step 9: Done. Happy typing!

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