You have read it right folks. This article will going to guide you how to root your beloved MyPhone Agua Iceberg and Iceberg Mini (also works with Iceberg Slim) with a method that does not require you to use a computer. But before that, you must have understood the risk that it may void your phone's warranty (but some does not). For you to be prepared of getting a rooted phone, you must fully know what is rooting in android and its pros and cons.

Rooting your phone dramatically enhances your phones performance and if done wrongly, may also degrade your phones life span and decrease its performance, worst is it may brick your phone. You have to be very careful of what tweak you are applying to your phone and you must know its compatibility well before applying it.

Note: Even though the methods of rooting below are tested working, there can still be a little risk present and we, as well as the developers of the methods of rooting, are NOT responsible for any damage it may cause. However, basing on my own experience of the methods below, I've done it so many times and so far, I have encountered no problems at all.

Preparing to root MyPhone Agua Iceberg, Iceberg Mini and Slim

1 Backup your Iceberg or Iceberg Mini
2 Charge it a minimum of 70%

How To Easily Root MyPhone Agua Iceberg, Mini and Slim

Method 1

1 Download Framaroot.apk and place it to your phone's SD-card.

2 Using any file manager app, look for Framaroot.apk on your SD-card, select it and install it. If it requires you to enable installing from unknown sources, go to phone Settings -- Security -- enable Unknown Sources.)

3 Open Framaroot app from your phone's app drawer. Select Install SuperSU, then tap Boromir.

4 Wait for the prompt then close. Reboot your phone to properly load the changes.

5 Confirm the changes by check your phone's app drawer if there's SuperSU app installed. Further, use Root Checker app from Play Store to verify the you have fully rooted device.

Other Methods

Use vRoot and Root Genius from this list of working rooting methods.

MyPhone Iceberg Development Section
MyPhone Iceberg Mini Development Section
MyPhone Iceberg Slim Development Section

Congratulations! You have successfully rooted your device. If you have problems or issues regarding your phone and with the methods on this article and blog itselt, please consider leaving us comments or suggestions or Contact us!

Thanks for alephzain of XDA for this wonderful app.

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  1. In the first place, Iceberg mini doesn't have a SD card slot. how the heck do we place framaroot in a SD card? Ugh.

  2. Failed :-( try another exploit if available (error#9)

    That's will pop up on the screen will I click boromir. Can anyone help me what to do?