Disable Background Apps/Services in Android Phones

Are you getting annoyed by applications and services that automatically runs in background even you don't want to and eats too much of your RAM? Does your phone turns laggy when your just messaging and playing games? In this article, I will going to show you how to solve your android problems.

There was an app called "Disabled Service" which actually disables your applications and system services from running in background. This is surely very useful for those who had troubles with their RAM.

Disable Background Apps/Services in Android Phones

Video Tutorial

To disable backgroud apps/services in your android phones, your phone must have ROOT ACCESS and Disable Service app installed.

First, you need to download and install Disable Service app from Google Playstore.

Secondly, you have to look for the services that you want to disable. TAKE NOTE, you must understand and you must know what you are trying to disable.

Next, open Disable Service and look for the blue font-colored number count from the system name, it indicates the number of running services. The blue font-colored services are the current running services. Uncheck it to disable. The red font-colored number indicates the number of disabled system process.

Now, you have disabled background apps/services in your android phone.

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