Make Statusbar Transparent

Make your lockscreen even cooler by making your android statusbar transparent and modify other statusbar elements. This modification doesn't require your to be a good android modifier and this is even perfect for android newbies.

How To Customize | Make Statusbar Transparent

To do this you must have:
Only for android 4.1/4.2/4.3 Jelly Bean
Xposed Installer - download here credits to this site
Gravity Box - download here credits to this site

NOTE: This can only make statusbar transparent for lockscreen and launcher

Video Tutorial:

Step 1: Download and install Xposed Installer and Gravity Box in your android device.

Step 2: From your device, open Xposed Installer app and navigate to Framework and tap "Install/Update"

Step: 3: You may or may not reboot. Then, from Xposed Installer app, go to "Modules" and check Gravity Box.

Step 4: Reboot or Soft Reboot your phone.

Step 5: Open Gravity Box app and navigate to "Transparency Management", set your lockscreen transparency by moving the "Statusbar for lockscreen" or set your launcher transparency by moving "Statusbar for launcher"

Step 6: Press the power to lock your screen and see the changes.

Step 7: Done. You may modify your statusbar more by navigating to "Statusbar tweaks".

Customize | Make Statusbar Transparent

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