Android phone is one of the most favorite smartphones not only because it's more affordable than iOS or other smartphones but because of it's amazing built in features that can beat any expensive smartphones out there. Previously, I have written about how to create a WiFi hostpot on Windows 7/8 computer without using any software, so now, what this article is going to show you is how will you able to create a WiFi hotspot using your favorite android phones and how will you be able to share your internet connection with it.

What we need for this tutorial is an android phone and another android phone or devices which is WiFi capable just to test if created our network is working. In android term, we term WiFi hotspot as WiFi tethering, this is how we will gonna it.

Create a WiFi Hotspot using Android Phone

First, you must have a working internet connection, connect your android phone's data connection to be used as the source of your internet connection. To do that, go to Settings > Mobile Networks > Data Connection. A signal type should appear (H, 3G, LTE, E) above your signal icon on status.

Now to create a WiFi hotspot, go to Settings > Tethering and Portable Hotspot and set your hotspot configurations, Network SSID is your WiFi name, Security is for security type (you can set none so it will not require for password) and Password for your WiFi password then hit OK if you're done. If you're done setting up, mark Portable Wi-Fi hotspot check to turn it on then you're good to go.

To connect your other devices, simply turn your WiFi on and find the WiFi name that corresponds your config, connect to it, enter the password and you're done.

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